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Recycling Centre of Excellence

When Hilton Hotels UK & Ireland, awarded Environmental Waste Controls Ltd the national waste contract in the early part of 2005, the plan was to maximise recycling, minimise waste to landfill, reduce waste costs, and help improve the environmental and health & safety standards across the hotel estate.

Commencement of the programme saw the Hilton Glasgow hotel become partners with Environmental Waste Controls in November of that year; initially with just a compactor for collecting and storing the general waste being sent to landfill. In the subsequent 6 weeks over the Christmas and New Year festivity period, the hotel disposed 73 tonnes of general waste to landfill.

October 2006 saw the opening of the Recycling Centre of Excellence (RCE), and the final piece in the jigsaw was the introduction of baling the cardboard into mill sized bales in November 2006. The culmination of this activity is that the hotel has experienced a dramatic reduction in its volume of general waste sent to landfill. Comparing the same 6 weeks in November 2006 to January 2007 with the previous year, the hotel only disposed 49 tonnes of general waste.

In partnership with Environmental Waste Controls, The Hilton Glasgow Hotel is proud to claim they have reduced waste to landfill by an outstanding 32%. The figures are all the more dramatic when you consider the hotel experienced an increase in accommodation and banqueting levels, compared with the previous year.

The success of the project has been achieved by segregating the hotels’ waste into eight different waste streams; cardboard, glass, paper & magazines, fluorescent tubes, cans, hazardous waste, cooking oil and general waste. All waste streams are routed through the purpose designed Recycling Centre. The whole process is supported by the introduction of storage crates within all service area landings, simplifying segregation and transit via dollies to the RCE. In addition to the management of the waste, Environmental Waste Controls also provide a portable, leak-proof, Husmann compactor, a mill sized cardboard baler, and various recycling bins & containers for the RCE.

The recycling project is still in its infancy. The volume of recycling is expected to increase each month as hotel staff become more familiar with the new methods introduced. The hotel management team have
the belief that the hotel could be in a position to divert the majority of its waste away from landfill in the not too distant future.

In partnership with Environmental Waste Controls, the Recycling Centre of Excellence at the Hilton Glasgow Hotel is pioneering the way waste is handled at Hilton hotels, throughout the UK & Ireland. Residents staying at the hotel can reasonably expect that soon, nearly half of the waste they each generate will be recycled and diverted away from landfill. Hotel staff are experiencing a positive effect on Health & Safety, primarily regarding manual handling, fire safety, vehicle access and pedestrian safety. It also creates a safer and tidier environment for the hotel operation.

There is a positive impact on the local environment in general, while benefiting from increased levels of recycling, in turn reducing transport journeys handling the waste and reducing waste sent to local landfill sites. The hotel will benefit financially just on reduced landfill tax costs alone, as current levels indicate the hotel will be paying less landfill tax in 2010 that it was in 2005; even with the cost of landfill tax doubling in the same period. If we multiply this positive example at the Hilton Glasgow Centre of Excellence, by the quantity of hotels in the Hilton Hotels UK & Ireland estate, then it could be exciting times ahead when coupled with the sentiment of the Area GM Craig Gardner when he says.

“In an increasingly competitive commercial environment and in a time of rising utility and waste costs it is essential that we continuously look at ways to reduce overheads and focus on customer expectations. The recycling project has enabled us to reduce costs by reducing landfill waste and providing substantial savings whilst actively addressing the real concerns our guests have of the impact of business on the environment.”

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